Sunday, May 29, 2016

BodyMind Therapies

MOLLY SWAN, MA, LMT has been offering  Bodywork and herbal supplements since 1982. 
(Acupressure, Body-centered Therapy, Massage, Herbs, and Nutritional Supplements) 
Deep relaxation and in-depth wellness assessment
Aiming for the most comfortable present and future we can design together for your body, mind, and spirit.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Bodywork sessions may include pulse analysis, deep or light massage, passive and active movement, postural assessment and ergonomic coaching, acupressure, polarity balancing, and other modalities. They are a blend from many influences (see background post)  and are always tailored to the particular needs of my clients at the particular time.

Herbal Consultations

Remedies to support high level wellness

Ongoing Wellness Coaching
First session in office with followup over the phone.

Package: Bodywork, Wellness Coaching
Ongoing support for high level wellness. 10 sessions.

Rates and Location

Office Location:
My office is in Athens Ga., located off of Winterville Rd. between Athens and Winterville and close to the University of Georgia. Address will be given when your appointment is scheduled.

 $70 per hour medical massage, acupressure, or bodymind integration.
$90 for 1 1/2 hour session. $120 for 2 hour session.
$20 extra for housecalls within 30 miles of Athens, Ga.
Call to discuss fees for housecalls further away than 30 miles.
Herbal consultations and wellness coaching can be included with bodywork sessions or $35 per consultation. $15 for 15 minutes phone cal.
Package of 10 sessions including bodywork, wellness consultation and ongoing coaching over 2 year period: $50 per session (regardless of time spent)